Audit Management:

The audit management is guided by the Executive Director, Finance Controller and internal auditor of the organization headed the Executive Director. A yearly audit plan is prepared for different project is by FC &Internal auditor. According to the plan the concern project is noticed the schedule for internal audit Internal audit is conducted quarterly in the projects and yearly in the HQ. The internal auditor examines the management activities & financial transaction and control. Accordingly financial guideline of org, they also submit a report to the ED and review the report with the top management and provide findings and recommendation for further improvement


Beside this External audit is conducted on H/O and Project basis for different authority by the NGO Bureau listed Audit firm on yearly basis. The report is reviewed and approved by the Governing Body of org; Donors also conduct their own audit in the project.



The audit farms that conducted the audits for the year 2016 are stated below:

  1. Rahman Mustafa Alam & Co.

  2. Irshadulah Patwary & Co.

  3. Arun & Company