Our vision is to establish an equitable society.

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To empower the under-privileged people by undertaking intensive and extensive programs in order to bring about changes to their family life style and social system.

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Contribute in creating an enabling environment for the disadvantaged people for empowering them to establish their rights and access to quality services for better livelihood security .


Nari Maitree (NM) – meaning women's solidarity, is a non-partisan and non-profit private voluntary development organization, founded in 1983 by a group of female social activists with a mission to empower the disadvantaged and vulnerable women, children, adolescents, and youth of rural and urban areas of the country.

Over the years Nari Maitree has emerged as one of the leading national NGOs dealing with urban problems, especially capital city of Dhaka. However, it has also been designing and implementing project/programs for the rural people in different parts of the country. In the year 2015 Nari Maitree (NM) activities covered over 2800,000 women, children and youths across the country with financial and technical assistance from different bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors. There are as many as 636 regular staff member are on the payroll of the organization and of them over 70 percent are female.

Major interventions of NM include; Primary Health Care Service Delivery Project, Basic Education for the Urban out-of-school Children, Skill Training for the adolescent Girls Waste Pickers, End Violence against Women, Establish Rights of the Female Domestic Workers, Tuberculosis Control, Microfinance for the Female Entrepreneurs, Rehabilitation of the Pavement Dwellers, Safe Motherhood and Protection of Newborn Babies, Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women, Local Rights Program, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Empowerment of Women and children.

The project/programs of Nari Maitree is supported by a host of institutional donors. They include; Asian Development Bank through Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives; USAID through D,Net, Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria through BRAC, European Commission through Save the Children, Action Aid Bangladesh, Plan International in Bangladesh, OXFAM-GB, Manusher Jonnya Foundation, Target Sourcing International, Irish Aid through Concern Worldwide.