Let Her Decide and Participate Project

LDHP project is a project for developing women decision making, leadership and active participation. As per project objective we are working to build up women transformation leadership and gave awareness to increase her confidence, dignity and change her own position which she deserves. We hopeful that through this project women came forward and take an important part in their family and society. This is a initiative for women movement. Success implementation of LHDP project Nari Maitree has been working since October 2013.


More women in Bangladesh can fully participate as agents of change through leadership and decision-making roles in family, community and in state level.


Nari Adda monthly meeting, Adolescent monthly meeting, Couples session, Parents meeting, Cross visit,, Service provider meeting,16 days campaign program, International women violence, Public hearing, Roundtable meeting, WTL training, Nari Forum meeting, Child policy review Gender And WTL training for staff etc.

Working Area:

Goran, Shajahanpur, Dhalpur, Mirpur-11, Maghbazar

Funded by:

Oxfam GB

  • Increased women’s confidence to participate in decision making processes from family to societal level and influenced the formal and informal power structures with logically raise women’s rights entitlement s issues.

  • Increased collective strength to reduce incidence of Violence against women (VAW) and linked up with the VAW survivors with the Legal support system.

  • Integrate the concept of Gender and Women Transformational Leadership within organization and different programs and projects.

Advocacy Issue

Public hearing, Roundtable meeting, WTL

  • Nari Adda member are playing important role in reducing VAW. They have stopped 7 early marriage, Stopped the multi marriage of five person and 5 eve teasing cases.

  • 25 Adda members from 11 Adda dol have participated poling as agent and 55 Adda members have participated as a volunteer during Dhaka city corporation election.

  • To assist Nari Adda members 15 disable person have got disable allowance from government Social welfare department.

  • 8 members of our Nari Adda members have got opportunity of the free and 55 member's half free medical support from BRAC, Dhaka medical hospital, UPHCP Nari Maitree, Mother and child health care, PSTC Shimantik,,Mari stop,Bapsa etc.

  • 3 out of 15 Nari Adda Dol can uses community club/ resource center for their meeting, training and different activities.

  • 6 out of 15 Nari Adda Dol leaders can conduct the Adda session and participate active role to problem solving process without NM staffs such as violence, early marriage, dowry etc.

  • Nari Adda leaders are introduced digital technology and touch. Now they share their feelings and group activities in face book by using tab. They were 62 massages posting in face book.

  • A strong relationship developed with DCC Zone-2 executive officer and social welfare officer, as a result they are now supportive to disabled children. DCC zonal executive office has donated a sewing machine to a disabled Nari Adda member.

  • They have got opportunity through linkage with different service providers like city corporation, social welfare , Thana and different NGO's and through this linkage they are able to got different services and materials like disable allowance, denmohor money , Sewing machine, Blanket, free medical & Law service for victim etc.

  • Male group and community people are now more positive regarding women development issue than before.

Sumaiya (5) is the eldest daughter of her parents. They hailed from Damudya of Shariatpur district. They would live in a rented room in Mirer Tek area of the capital city Dhaka. One day the minor girl was allured by an inmate of nearby mess by some snacks. The minor girl was readily tempted by the offer of snack. She entered into the room lonely mess. The man molested the girl. At her screaming neighbors along with her maternal grand mother rushed to the spot. The incident was immediately reported to the leaders of Nari Adda Dol who in turn caught the perpetrator and handed over to local police station. In this connection, a case has been filed with police station. The perpetrator is now behind the bar. It is difficult for the poor family to bear the litigation cost and on the other hand the perpetrator side exert pressure on Sumaiyas family to withdraw the case.