Building Skills for Unemployed and Underemployed Labour to increase their skills and capacities to access job opportunities and earning

NM signed an agreement with Swiss Contact – a foundation of Swiss origin to provide training on marketable skills to the unemployed people of 18-40 years age group having minimum basic literacy to 12th grade dropout under its (Swiss Contact) B-SkillFul project for a period of 2017-2020. The project emphasizes on changing gender division of labor by encouraging women to enroll in trades like motorbike mechanics and electrical house wiring. Electric House Wiring Technician and Garment Machine Operator courses would be conducted at Nari Maitree Technical Training center in Gorai under Mirzapur Upazila of Tangail district while Motor Bike Mechanic course at nari maître Technical Training Center in Garo Bazar under Modhupur Upazila of same district. The courses would be started from 1st of June 2017.

The 3-month long course has two parts viz; classroom-based theoretical sessions for two months while practical sessions at work place for 1 month. The graduates will receive certificates and job placement support.

Funded by:


Project Goal

To promote socially, ecologically and economically sustainable development for poor, disadvantages and minorities groups in Bangladesh.


B-SkillFul project aims to improve the wellbeing of poor and disadvantaged men and women by increasing their access to labor market and increase income while safeguarding fundamental rights at work.

Project location:

Nari Maitree is implementing the project in Gurai Union of Mirjapur Upazila in Tangail district. Nari Maitree established a training center “Gurai Technical Training Center” in Mirjapur Upazila. B-SkillFUL also raises awareness amongst potential trainees, graduates and informal sector enterprises on issues of labour rights and decent work (LRDW).

Project Duration:

The duration of the project (Phase-I) is 4 years (2017-2020).

  • Electrical House Wiring Technician
  • Motor Cycle Mechanic
  • Garments Machine Operator
  • Survey and trainee selection through TSC (trade wise)

  • Class room Based Training (CBT) 2 month

  • Workplace Based Training (WBT) 1 month

  • Training monitoring

  • Training completion report preparation

  • Evaluation

  • Certificate distribution

  • Counseling and

  • Job placement

The project aims to ensuring job placement of at least 70% of total graduates upon successful completion of the training within 6 month. Every year 480 learners are targeted to train up.

Target People:

The project selects the trainees on the basis of the following criteria trough conduct survey in the project working areas;

  • Poor and disadvantaged (Poor and Marginalized men and women)
  • Age 18-40 years
  • Education: Minimum Basic literacy to grade 12/ drop out (No running student will be enrolled)
  • Encouraged female enrolment on non-traditional trades (Electrical House Wiring Technician and Motor Cycle Mechanic).